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ABSTRACT ART HOUSE - Interior Design Studio 1

Adjunct Professor: Ana Rolim

College of Arts and Design, Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC), New Jersey, U.S.

Interior Design Studio 1 encompasses two central themes: the architectural parti as an abstract concept and the interaction between architectural space and form with the human body. In the initial stage of the studio, students undertake a 4-week assignment where they select an abstract artwork as inspiration to develop a parti for a domestic environment measuring 29’ x 39’ x 13’. Project constraints include specific square footage allocations for living, bathing, dining, and resting areas, alongside the use of black and white graphic representation. The objective is for students to craft cohesive partis while gaining proficiency in fundamental concepts of space, form, light, and both traditional and digital 3D modeling tools.

Paper maquettes. Student work by: J. Penagos, R. Beedasee, A. Anerella, A. Reilly and J. Villa

The development of the parti from abstract artwork through sketches and models. Student work by J. Penagos.

The parti develops based on an abstract artwork. Student work by A. Reilly.

Interior view and Axonometric perspective executed in SketchUP. Student work by A. Reilly.

The abstract art house starts from the interpretation of an abstract art work and evolves through architectural form. Student work by J. Villa

Floor plan, axonometric and 2-point interior perspective drawn by hand. Student work by J. Villa

The project develops from the interpretation of an artwork through maquettes. Student work by C. Ramkrith.

Parti sketches and bubble diagrams. Student work by A. Anerella.

Floor plan and axonometric executed in SketchUp. Student work by A. Anerella.

Paper maquette. Student work by A. Anerella.

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