MEZA ENGINEERING HEADQUARTERS: Setting soft thresholds to integrate spaces

Co-author: Vera Freire

Status: Under construction

In this project for a construction company headquarters we responded to the irregular shape of the existing building footprint with soft curves, adding an industrial feel that emphasizes two basic construction materials: concrete and steel.

Using curved shapes we were able to reach spatial integration by setting soft thresholds between spaces of different uses. A decompression area, located between meeting room and access corridor was a key component , working both as a transitional and a gathering space. 

If good work spaces allow people to simultaneously focus and interact, and feel somewhat at home, we hope this will soon take place when Meza Engineering opens its doors.

Isometric view of proposal

Floor plan

Sketch of view from access

View from access towards meeting room with decompression space in back

Sketch of decompression area

View from decompression area towards staff

Staff area

Corridor section facing staff (right) and conference room (left)

Director's office

Accounting office

Meeting room