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ANJO SOLTO PINA (Authors: Ana Rolim and Isabella Trindade)

1st Place Award,  Commercial Space Category, in annual competition by New Center of Professional Architects and Designers from Pernambuco (Novo Núcleo PE), Brazil 

The trendy Anjo Solto restaurant, located at Galeria Joana D’arc, a legendary landmark in Recife's nightlife, is renovated to integrate the access corridor and a former annex to the remaining spaces. The design aimed to create a striking aesthetic built with simple components that would result in a unique spatial experience, reassuring the presence of the restaurant in the loggia where it is located

The focus was providing customers arriving from the semi public loggia of a commercial building, which was occupied by the restaurant at night and used by shoppers during the day, with a clear perception that they would be entering Anjo Solto. In order to achieve this we applied the feel of movement through a set of ceiling-hung plywood fins, dyed in red, in a random, wave-like pattern. 


All building materials and finishes used were as organic as possible, including: locally produced cementitious floor tile, cementitious surfacing over restroom walls that was prepared at the site and applied by local artisans; aged pine wood panels dyed in black coating and a custom made faux-leather sofa for the new lounge. The use of local building materials and finishes helped sped up construction time.


As we always seek to integrate other art forms into our projects, we used enlarged photographs by Alessandra Botelho applied as adhesives to thin pvc boards on the corridor, lounge and restroom walls. These images were intrinsic to the project and room uses. In the main corridor, a photograph of a person running on a rainy day, for example, restated the our idea of ​​movement.

The project was featured on AU issue 224, an important magazine in circulation throughout Latin America, which highlighted up and coming architecture in the NE region of Brazil.

Overall view of loggia

View from main access

Longitudinal section thru loggia

Detail of ceiling-hung fins

Red-dyed plywood fins hanging from ceiling of loggia

Overall view of loggia with lounge at right

New lounge with custom faux-leather couch

View from lounge towards loggia

View from dining towards loggia

View of loggia towards main access

The integration of the loggia with existing bar

The movement of the fins helps connecting the new space with existing adjacencie

The molds for the ceiling hung fins

Detail of new ceiling with signage in the back

The project featured on AU issue 224, a magazine in circulation throughout Latin America, highlighting up and coming architecture in the NE region of Brazil

The project featured on AU magazine.

The project featured on AU magazine: 'Amidst the public, there's the private'.

Details of the project featured on AU magazine.

The project featured on AU magazine.

 by Ana Rolim.