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In the historic downtown area, where the city traces its origins to the 1600s, a new wave of young professionals is reclaiming the district, seeking personalized and character-driven work environments. Our office design was conceived with a singular vision: to infuse the building with echoes of its rich history while embodying a timeless urban vibrancy.

This dynamic interplay is embodied by stretched steel cables that float above the space, juxtaposed with the contrast between rough and polished materials such as pinus wood and lacquered components. Our aim was to optimize the space while maintaining a sense of openness and clarity. The floor plan comprises four main areas: a welcoming reception/attorney's area, a director's office, restroom/storage facilities, and a terrace offering panoramic views of the historic cityscape.

View from entry. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Floor plan

Isometric view towards entry

View towards associates' desks and access to restroom

View towards associates' desks, storage and access to restroom. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Detail of asscoiates' desk. Photo: Mariana Guerra

View towards entry. Photo: Mariana Guerra

View from attorney's office towards entry. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Attorney's desk area with terrace in the background. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Detail of attorney's desk . Photo: Mariana Guerra

Detail of associates' desk. Photo: Ana Rolim

Detail of attorney's desk. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Details of steel cables on ceiling. Photo: Mariana Guerra

Stretched steel cable ceiling detail

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