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THE BODE COMMUNITY: Social Housing on the River: - B.Arch final thesis
Author: Bruno Tinoco / Advisor: Ana Rolim
Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP), Brazil

The project aims to address the housing needs of the Bode community situated in the Pina Bay area of Recife, Brazil. This initiative responds critically to the municipal plan of relocating residents to standardized "H" block housing, which fails to align with their existing lifestyle centered around stilt houses interconnected with waterways.


Drawing insights from the community's current living arrangements, the proposal introduces modular housing units designed to accommodate varying needs. Parametric constraints ensure flexibility without compromising essentials like natural light, cross-ventilation, and shading, essential considerations for tropical climates like Brazil.

Overall view from the water

Existing site conditions viewed from a boat

The ongoing project to relocate the dwellers does not relate to their way of living in a close relationship with the river

The proposed design strategies

Existing viewpoints and geometric patterns define the proposed grid

Overall form generating derives from interpreting the built massing in the site

Overall volumetric proposal

Parametrizing aggregation patterns to assure proper natural lighting, cross-ventilation and shading

The proposed massing unfolds

Parametrization process - limits of aggregation are defined

Face division developed through parametrization

The single-cube housing typology

Two-cube housing typology

L-shape double-cube housing typology

L-shape double-cube housing typology

The desing allows for expansion possibilities in all housing typologies

Ground floor plan

First floor plan

Common areas

Proposed structural system

Overall building section

Proposed façade system

Overall view from ground floor deck area

The proposal offers diversity as it is open to variation

Collective spaces alternate with private spaces assuring the vitality of the community

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