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CINE COMUNA: itinerant educational cinema for waterfront communities - B.Arch final thesis

(Author: Tereza Beirão / Advisor: Ana Luisa Rolim)

More than 60% of the low-income communities in the city of Recife, NE Brazil is located next to bodies of water and rivers. Lacking good quality education and urban infrastructure, this population would benefit from having access to urban equipment that could bring them education in an attractive way. Thus, this proposal consists of an itinerant cinema to assist with the issue.


The close relationship the population have with the river is reflected upon the various activities involving fishing and living in precarious houses on stilts. This served as inspiration to design an object that would be able to navigate through city waters and reach the population wherever they lived. Navigation in such locations is not always easy, as existing paths are often narrow, so it was important that the proposal could adapt to various site conditions.


In order for the ‘Cine Comuna’ to have a strong presence in the cityscape, the idea was to combine the scale of the existing buildings (one to 2-story houses) with an amorphous and aerodynamic shape, that although contrasting with the hard-edged shapes in the different sites, would imprint the feel of something new and exciting being brought to the communities.

The Cine Comuna reaching the population of low-income communities by the river

Map of waterfront communities in the city of Recife

Map of population rates living in low-income waterfront communities in the city of Recife

One of the anchorage sites located at the Coque Community

Another site where the Cine Comuna would reach: the Ilha de Deus Community

The Encanta Moça Community: a low-income waterfront community that would be served by the Cine Comuna

Site plans for anchorage of the cinema in five different communities

Skyline view of the Encanta Moça community. Photo by Tereza Beirão.

The architectural parti: an amorphous shape to mirror the feel of bringing something new and exciting to the communities

Overview of the project with calculations for floating deck

Ground floor plan with retractable deck in place for anchorage

Section and detailed floor plan to show compliance with current requirements for screening rooms

Longitudinal section AA showing screening room and lift.

Cross section CC showing seating area and access door

Front and rear building elevations

Side elevations showing the elongated yet compact shape of the object

The Cine Comuna navigates through the city waters against its skyline

The Cine Comuna arrives in a community by the water

The Cine Comuna negotiates with the scale of the existing buildings in all sites

The Cine Comuna moves towards the next location

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