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Geni um objeto desTEMERizado_Ana Luisa R

Geni: A de-TEMERized object 

Author: Gabriela Ozório/ Advisor: Ana Rolim

Built collectively by a group of students for the course Contemporary Architecture 

Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP)

On International Women's Day 2017, Brazilian President Michel Temer delivered a speech emphasizing traditional gender roles, sparking controversy. To challenge this discourse, the Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism course at Unicap organized the 'De-TEMERize' design competition. Students were tasked with designing a 2m x 2m x 2m object for the school's pilotis area, addressing gender issues. The winning proposal, 'Geni: A de-TEMERized object,' drew inspiration from Chico Buarque's song 'Geni and the Zeppelin,' symbolizing resistance to oppressive narratives.

Throw a stone at Geni

Throw a stone at Geni

She is made to catch

She's good at spitting

She can give anyone Damn Geni


(Geni and the Zeppelin, Chico Buarque, 1979)


Geni symbolizes the sexist undertones of the president's speech, representing the struggle of women caught between traditional domestic roles and real-world aspirations. The tensioned-skin object embodies the intersection of these contrasting realities, where women's efforts to break free are hindered by societal constraints. Built with donated materials, including recycled timber and colorful spandex, Geni serves as a physical manifestation of the oppressive effects of outdated gender norms. Accessible through a slot resembling genitalia, the structure metaphorically represents rebirth from societal oppression. Inside, a foam mattress provides comfort, while a display showcases all competition submissions.

The competition ballot box

Geni's concept

What now, Mr. President Temer?

With donations from local business owners and a carpentry shop, students, professor, and volunteers carried out the construction in less than two days

Geni materializes in a tensioned skin, conforming a place where real and false realities intersect

Geni going for a walk in the campus

One of the stops Geni made

Geni is non-conforming and welcoming

The building skin is made of colorful spandex stapled to the wood structure, with sufficient elasticity to support the projection of human bodies on its surface.

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