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INAUDITOS: Alternative structures for music manifestations - B.Arch final thesis

Author: Vinícius Lemos / Advisor: Ana Rolim 

Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP)

This project explores music festivals as collective cultural events, using Recife, NE Brazil, as a testing ground due to its vibrant festival scene. Despite the prevalence of music downloading, live music experiences remain popular, contributing to personal growth, well-being, social interaction, and identity.

Drawing on recent studies and diverse festival styles, this study proposes alternative music stage designs to reflect the diversity of festivals. Anchored in generative design, the project reviews geometric typologies and analyzes their suitability for different festival contexts, considering factors like cost and assembly efficiency.

A scaffold structure and prefab parts form the backbone, combined with ETFE panels. Various digital procedures are used to develop small, medium, and large stages, transforming them into engaging acoustic shells that enhance the festival experience.


For the soundtrack that inspired and was inspired by the project, please follow Inauditos on Spotify.

The stage is set in one of the music festivals in the city of Recife.

Overall view of 3d-printed prototype model

Four facets of a festival experience

Types of festivals

Synthesis of geometric strategies

The current music festival locations in Recife, Brazil, where the proposal would be implemented

Case studies: Phillips Pavilion (Le Corbusier & Iannis Xenakis, 1958); Tuballoon (Snohetta, 2006); Soundforms (Jason Flanagan & Paul Bavister, 2012), and JS Bach (Zaha Hadid, 2009)

Phases of digital design process

The full geometric family

The small size family stage with Gaussian curve analysis

Selected geometry of small, medium, and large size stage prototypes

The morphogenesis process

Shape optimization and acoustic analysis

Two phases in the process of optimizing the parts of the artifact

Mapping of small-size stage prototype

Floor plan of the small size stage prototype, the variation selected to be detailed

Transversal section

Detail of prototype model

Front elevation

The stage is set in one of the current venues in Recife, Brazil

Then band and the soft shell

The show is on!

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