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PlusFarm Summer Studio

An internationally recognized design and fabrication studio that works at the intersection of digital and material design with actual construction.

Perrysburg, NY, 2013

A week-long immersive summer studio was conducted to craft an architectural installation benefiting the farming community of Perrysburg, Upstate New York. The objective was to forge a serene structure fostering harmony between humanity and the natural environment of a farm estate.

Twelve participants were chosen globally based on their portfolios and letters of intent. Utilizing advanced digital design tools, the cohort undertook site analysis, generated sketches, and crafted multiple models. This culminated in the erection of a wooden pavilion atop a hill, serving as both a lookout point and shelter.

More details can also be found here

The artifact Lemonade is set in place

Site analysis starting to take place

Sketching possibilities

Framework models

Laser cut parts are brought to the site and organized

First ribs start to take shape

Details of roof structure and skin

Detail of deck

Lemonade is fully assembled

View from deck towards landscape

Structural ribs frame the landscape

The roof structure emulates surrounding tree canopies

Detail of ribs

The organic profile set against the sky

Lemonade sits quietly on top of the hill

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