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PlusFarm Summer Studio (2013)

Perrysburg, NY

A seven-day immersive summer studio to design and build an architectural installation to serve the local community of farmers in Perrysburg, Upstate New York. The idea was to create a contemplative object that would bring man and nature together in a farm estate.


Twelve participants were selected worldwide through portfolio and letter of intent submission. Anchored in design driven digital tools and framework, the group performed site analysis, produced sketches and built several models, ultimately leading to the construction of a wood pavilion operating as a viewpoint and shelter on top of a hill.

More details can also be found here

The artifact Lemonade is set in place

Site analysis starting to take place

Sketching possibilities

Framework models

Laser cut parts are brought to the site and organized

First ribs start to take shape

Details of roof structure and skin

Detail of deck

Lemonade is fully assembled

View from deck towards landscape

Structural ribs frame the landscape

The roof structure emulates surrounding tree canopies

Detail of ribs

The organic profile set against the sky

Lemonade sits quietly on top of the hill

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