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Author: Marcella Spinelli / Advisor: Ana Rolim
Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP),

THESIS AWARDED BY ARCHDAILY - Best Graduation Thesis in Portuguese Speaking Countries 

YHAB is a pioneering housing concept tailored for digital natives, born between 1980-1995, known for their preference for flexible and socially stimulating spaces. Anchored in extensive research on Recife's population, predominantly comprised of this demographic, YHAB addresses the evolving needs of this generation.


Architects play a crucial role in understanding and integrating the dynamic activities demanded by digital natives. By embracing technological advancements and the ever-changing user experience, YHAB reimagines living environments to accommodate diverse activities that continually evolve.


Situated in Recife's historic downtown, a burgeoning digital hub, YHAB transforms underutilized urban lots into vibrant communal spaces. Designed for mid-block, narrow plots, the ground floor seamlessly connects both sides of the block, featuring a range of housing units and shared spaces tailored for work and leisure.


Recognized for its innovative approach, YHAB was honored by Archdaily among hundreds of submissions from Brazil and Portugal, reflecting its thoughtful design and timely relevance

More information is available on the Archdaily web page.

Street view

Simulation of prototypical Y-HAB units inserted in Bairro do Recife, a neighborhood with several technological hubs where digital natives work.

Perspective section thru the building

Ground floor access

Ground floor plan

One of the access areas to housing units

4th floor plan with communal spaces

Common spaces on 5th floor

Co-working area

Experiments of possible residential unit layouts made with actual Y generation users during pre-design phase

1st floor plan with single and duplex residential units, and shared spaces

2nd floor plan with residential units

Interior perspective section highlighting residential units

A moveable pop-up store shared by dwellers to showcase artifacts and services they would provide.

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