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ARCH-ZINES: Learning contemporary architecture thru the making of fanzines

Course: Contemporary Architecture / Instructor: Ana Rolim 

Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP)

Work selected for exhinition in 11th Architecture Biennial of Sao Paulo, Brazil

In teaching the History of Contemporary Architecture at Unicap's Architecture and Urbanism school, I've found two effective strategies for engaging students with the course material. First, I incorporate practical design exercises, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge through hands-on experiences. Second, I encourage students to critically analyze theories and design approaches by creating their own authorial fanzines.

These methods have proven to be more engaging than traditional approaches like lecturing and written tests. Students produce digital fanzines for each of the five course modules, covering topics such as post-modern architecture, contemporary museums, minimalism, sustainability, and digital design. At the end of the course, they compile their work into a printed version encompassing all five modules.

Over the years, students have explored various creative approaches in their fanzines, providing valuable insights into contemporary architectural discourse. Here, we showcase some of their work.

A series of fanzines produced by students on a display created by them

Some of earliest and latest examples of the fanzines developed in the History of Contemporary Architecture course

Some of the essays from various students' fanzines

The Void zine

The C.O.D.E.S. zine

City and colour zine

i9 zine

The activation of fanzines in the campus

The fanzines reaching a broad audience in the campus

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