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Museum Without Buildings Workshop 

Organized by Cneai = Paris and Center for Architecture, AIA New York

The Center for Architecture, New York City / June 22, 2019

The workshop drew inspiration from the pioneering theories and manifestos of Yona Friedman, focusing on his visionary ideas about architecture. Participants engaged in hands-on activities, including the assembly of hula hoops and the construction of an iconostasis—an open and movable structure designed to showcase artworks.

Rooted in Friedman's seminal manifesto, "Mobile Architecture" (L'Architecture Mobile), the concept of architecture devoid of traditional buildings has been a fundamental aspect of his oeuvre since its inception in 1948.

More details can also be found here

Initial phase of construction

Initial phase of construction


Initial phase of construction

First assemblies taking place

The assembly expands and conforms the iconostasis

Users start to test the iconostasis

The open and mobile structure is ready to display artworks

Participants further testing the structure

The full iconostasis occupying the space

Artworks start to be placed on the iconostasis

Having fun in the iconostasis

The iconostasis is ready

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