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CROSSING: A pedestrian bridge across the Capibaribe River - 3rd Year Design Studio

Authors: Beatriz Ribeiro e Bruna Souza

Studio professors: Ana Rolim & Dyego Digiandomenico

Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP), Brazil

The site, situated along the Capibaribe River in Recife, NE Brazil, encompasses the neighborhoods of Santana and Torre. As the subject of a national design competition, the area of intervention spans two riverbanks and necessitates a connecting crossing. The competition brief calls for addressing the social needs of this urban locale, fostering interaction and cohesion among its inhabitants.


The proposed solution aims to make a social impact while integrating technology, environmental considerations, and cultural context. Recognizing the critical importance of sustainability in contemporary design, the project draws inspiration from nature, employing biomimetics and parametric design during the conceptual phase. By observing the movement of the river and the ubiquitous fishing nets along its banks, the "Crossing" project seeks innovative solutions to enhance connectivity and harmony within the urban landscape

Conception phase: site intepretation through sketches, framework and stereotomic models

Site interpretation: framework model exploring the movement of fishnets along the river.

Site interpretation: stereotomic model exploring the movement of fishing nets along the river.

Exploring the stereotomic model through sectioning

Overall view of bridge

Project site on Capibaribe River

Overall project guidelines

Process diagram of bridge component

Aerial view of bridge and a detail of its soft mesh structure

Ground floor plan

Overall sections acros the river

Developping bridge structure through parametric modeling

A view from across the river at sunset

View from landing towards bridge

The program encompasses a bike lane along the bridge

The socio cultural component on the river's border: exhibition space and food hall

Study models of bridge structure

Physical model of structural detail

View of crossing

Bridge seen from across the river in the evening

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