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DIA: Nuclear Medicine Clinic

Design: Ana Luisa Rolim

Studies say that a personal healthcare can be more effective. This was the focus of our design for this nuclear medicine clinic. An existing space located in a medical center was renovated to accommodate the new facilities specializing in scintigraphy and radioisotope therapy.


The overall goal was to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for performing exams that are usually more time-consuming for patients.The finishes privilege earth tones punctuated with contrasting furniture pieces. A parametric pattern based on the client’s visual identity is applied to a door and panel separating the waiting areas from the corridor that leads to restrooms and staff area.


Large fixed and sliding wood panels with frosted glass divide the reception area from the exam room and controlled-access corridor, which leads to several specialized rooms, such as the gamma camera space, enclosed with thick double lead doors.

Defining movement patterns according the program

Floor plan

View towards reception area: the goal was to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for patients undergoing time-consuming exams

View from reception towards waiting area: earth tones are combined with warm furniture finishes

Ceiling detail at waiting area

Elevation studies for reception and waiting areas

Studies for sliding panels at reception area

Reception desk with sliding panels in the back

Large fixed and sliding wood panels with frosted glass separate the reception from the exam room and controlled-access corridor

Millwork detail at waiting area with parametric pattern door and panel in the foreground

The earth tones are carried through the exam room

Medical office: detail of desk and recessed lighting at millwork and ceiling

Medical office: view from desk towards private access to corridor

Room for injected patients to prepare prior to going through exams

Detail of patients' lockers in the injected room

Detail of lockers and kid's area in the injected patients' room

View from lab with staff analyzing samples and supply of medicaments

Patients' restroom: the design relies on the fact that personal healthcare can be effective

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