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METAMUSEUM: Analysis of Lebbeus Woods’ work as basis for proposing the Workers’ Museum in Recife’s oldest neighborhood (B.Arch Thesis)
Author: Pedro Arruda / Advisor: Ana Rolim
Catholic University of Pernambuco (UNICAP), Brazil

Lebbeus Woods’ legacy, particularly his hand-drawn architectural concepts, serves as inspiration for reimagining the Union of Sugar and Alcohol of the State of Pernambuco (SindAçúcar) terminal, originally used for storing sugar. Through Woods' interpretative tools for site analysis and adaptive reuse, six typologies emerge: high-house, bubble, subterranean, scar, monolithic, and experimental space.

The intervention transforms the terminal into a museum honoring Brazilian workers, embodying narratives of violence, strength, and the passage of time. Embracing the scar typology, the museum's design symbolically exposes historical wounds while reshaping the city's landscape.

Overall view from Northeast

Site plan

The sugar cane culture depicted in Brazilian art and its historic presence at the project's site

Overall view of existing building which houses the Union of Sugar and Alcohol of the State of Pernambuco (SindAçúcar)

The industrial structures are expressive, marking its presence in the city skyline

View towards main entrance

The typologies identified in Lebbeus Woods' work: high-house; bubble; subterranean; scar; monolithic and experimental space

The narrative of the architectural parti

View from North

Main entrance on ground floor

View from access towards exhibition spaces

New volumes are integrated into the existing structure

The functional rooms: auditorium and projection rooms

View from East elevation

Detail of exhibition space

Temporary (right) and permanent (left) exhibition spaces

The dialogue between existing and new structures

Sensory exhibition space

Service entrance on ground floor

View from main access

Museum's technical spaces, such as collection and administration

Building longitudinal section and details

Overall view from Northeast

Overall interior view at sunset

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