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THE RED RIBBON: Gateways to Chinatown


Competition Entry

Authors: Ana Rolim & Eisner Design (Joe Eisner and Rosanna Lee).

Interns: Hugo Santiago, Luiz Marques, Marcella Spinelli and Wanessa Rodrigues

Competition booklet design: Salvatore Fanara

Imagine a vibrant red ribbon weaving through the heart of Manhattan's Chinatown, uniting the neighborhood's essence. In Chinese culture, the ribbon symbolizes positivity and unity, echoing our proposal's aim to infuse movement and connection into the area.

Resonating with Chinatown's rich cultural tapestry, the ribbon embodies warmth, communication, and inclusivity. It serves as a conduit for storytelling, bridging past, present, and future. Crafted from lightweight fiberglass, its flowing form exudes energy, inviting interaction.

The ribbon's underside houses a dynamic organic screen, narrating tales of tradition and innovation. As visitors engage with it, they participate in shaping Chinatown's narrative, breathing life into its heritage. Ultimately, the ribbon becomes an experiential landmark, embodying the spirit of both Chinatown and New York City.

The new structure is located on a triangular traffic island bounded by Canal Street, Baxter Street and Walker Street.

Design Approach

Design approach: The ribbon is a meaningful symbol that represents positive energy and a gathering force

The red ribbon swirls, touches the ground, and points towards uttering heights

The ribbon represents positive energy and a gathering force

Just like Chinatown, the red ribbon is embracing, communicative and warm

The stories told are housed in the underside of the arch as a tridimensional organic screen

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