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SALVAGE KIT for a modernist house on Long Island.


Project in collaboration with Eisner Design, NY / Role: Senior Designer

Located on Long Island’s North Fork, this house with modernist lines needed a facelift.


We conceived a salvage kit of parts aiming towards some key aspects: Making the North side more usable and lively by introducing upper and lower decks with a staircase, and adding a soffit to emphasize a wrapping relationship between roof overhang and new deck, complemented with new Juliet balconies; placing a new frame-like return wall with a balcony on the East façade to strengthen engagement with surrounding nature; replacing the gloomy 1970’s board & batten with lighter cedar wood siding; improving the main entry at South by extending its cropped-looking porch; adding a new canopy for the garage at West, adding new fiber-cement cladding on upper level walls and porch, and, finally, re-coating the old beige stucco with an off-white tone.

Diagram of salvage kit of parts proposed for the house

A house with modernist lines and a gloomy look needs a facelift

Front (South) elevation

Proposed lower level and upper floor plans with salvage kit

Rear (North) elevation

Section thru new decks at North

The North side becomes more usable with new decks, stairs, and the wrapping effect on soffit and roof overhang.

Details for new garage canopy

Detail of new return wall and balcony at East

New East balcony allows for more engagement with surrounding nature

View from South elevation after renovation

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