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NEVES BEACH RESIDENCE: Experimenting with symmetry

For this hybrid of an urban and beach residence we experimented with symmetry to equalize views towards the exterior while assuring privacy. We also worked with simple local techniques and materials, which helped meeting a tight budget and, mainly, establishing a positive dialogue with the surrounding context.


As the owner spent the week on the beach town and the weekends in a city three hours away, the layout required a clear differentiation between a more social open floor plan, at ground level, and a compartmentalized and more private upper floor.


The geometry evolves around a central axis marked by a blue tower. It contains a spine staircase bordered by two volumes, which were inspired by a local typology with pitched roof and verandas facing the ocean. These floating structures sit over a lower, white slab-like enclosure that wraps living spaces on the ground floor. The Kitchen, restroom, laundry, and storage spaces  are located towards the back of the house. Upstairs this rear portion has a curved profile without openings that encloses an office space and a bedroom, cantilevering over the backyard. This helps protecting the lower level façade against excessive sunlight exposure from West.

View from side street at South

Floor plans

View from side street at South

West elevation with curved volumes cantilevering towards backyard

Façade facing the beach

Main façade facing the beach

Detail of front façade

The central axis is marked by a tower containing a staircase

Building finishes are simple and borrow from local tradition

View from upper floor suite facing ground floor deck

Living room facing staircase

View of staircase with kitchen at back

View from kitchen towards living

View from play room towards kitchen and dining at back

View from play room towards front deck

Corridor at upper floor

Detail of balcony on upper floor master suite

Detail of balcony from upper floor bedroom

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