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INTO THE WOODS: Rhinebeck residence


Project in collaboration with Eisner Design, NY / Role: Senior Designer

Nestled in Upstate New York, this residence caters to a couple of retiring doctors seeking solace away from the city. Their vision emphasized a specific material palette for the exteriors, blending modernism with traditional elements.


Designed to embrace the sweeping landscape, the layout maximizes panoramic views with a spacious terrace and swimming pool deck opening up to the surroundings. Anchored by a guest house and a den, this outdoor space forms a serene courtyard-like enclave.


Inside, the interiors exude an airy ambiance, accentuated by a generous curtain wall that spans the social areas, fostering a seamless connection with the wooded surroundings

View from West with swimming pool deck and living areas opening up towards the landscape

First floor plan

Second floor plan

View from North

View from South

South elevation

West elevation

Living room with double-height curtain wall facing terrace and deck

View from East: the building sits against the slightly sloped landscape

Staircase feature wall

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