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Unicap Icam Pavilion (Authors: Ana Rolim and Andrea Câmara)
1st Prize winner of the Brazilian Institute of Architects, Pernambuco Chapter (IAB-PE) 2021 Awards, Interiors and Design Category; 2nd Prize Winner of the Cultural Heritage Challenges Award by the Architecture and Urbanism Council of Brazil; Highlight of the Brazilian Institute of Architects, Pernambuco Chapter (IAB-PE) 2021 Awards, Intervention in a Building of Historic Interest Category

The Pavilion, home to the creative domains of the International School Unicap Icam in Recife, Brazil, embodies a significant partnership between Brazil's esteemed Catholic University of Pernambuco (Unicap) and France's renowned Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (ICAM), marking ICAM's inaugural foray into Latin America.

The historic structure serves as a hub for a diverse array of activities, including co-working, events, and a digital lab, fostering a dynamic program within its walls. Our design ethos prioritizes the harmonious integration of these functions, emphasizing dialogue between the existing architecture and the new elements introduced.

Formal neutrality guides our approach, balancing the addition of new annexes with the preservation of the pavilion's austere aesthetic. Three irregular annexes, clad in fiber cement, extend from the pavilion, housing essential amenities and technical spaces. These elements, connected by bridges, create a visual juxtaposition between old and new.

A glass box annex, serving as a digital lab, protrudes from the NE facade, its technological purpose accentuated by FSC hardwood brise-soleils. Prefabricated steel components expedite construction, minimizing environmental impact.

Interior design echoes the pavilion's historic charm, with reclaimed brick masonry and wood frames accentuated by new materials such as galvanized steel and eco-friendly laminates. The layout, defined by the spacing of bearing walls, fosters an open, flexible environment conducive to collaboration while maintaining functional autonomy.

In essence, the Pavilion embodies a seamless fusion of history and innovation, offering a dynamic space tailored to the evolving needs of its occupants.

More about the awards by the Brazilian Institute of Architects, Pernambuco Chapter (IAB-PE) can be found here

Northwest elevation. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Diagram of main design strategies

Site plan

Floor plan

Northeast view. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Corner detail: Annexes and existing building. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Building elevatiions

New annexes at Northwest. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Old porch becomes a lounge with a green wall. Photo:Débora Nascimento

View from main entrance. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Reception desk and dining area. Photo:Ana Rolim

Overall view of co-working space Photo:Débora Nascimento

Bridge from existing building to new meeting annex. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Custom shelving unit conforms spatial boundaries. Photo:Débora Nascimento

View from open classroom. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Open classroom featuring custom shelving unit. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Millwork detail at digital lab. Photo:Débora Nascimento

Digital lab at new Northeast annex. Photo:Débora Nascimento

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