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Project Highlights

Unicap Icam Pavilion (Authors: Ana Rolim and Andrea Câmara)
2nd Place in Cultural Heritage Challenges Award by the Architecture and Urbanism Council of Brazil.

The Pavilion houses the creative spaces of the International School Unicap Icam, Recife, Brazil. It marks the partnership between the prestigious Catholic University of Pernambuco (Unicap) and the renowned Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (ICAM), based in France, with 11 campus in the world.

The design departs from transforming and redefining an austere historic building on a college campus, which gains new additions: three chamfered volumes and a translucent box to house a digital lab are added.


Time-shrouded elements are enhanced by the removal of random layers, while their aesthetics are emphasized on the new interiors. Spaces are integrated and flexible, with minimal visual barriers in between, further enriched by light and curved perforated pieces that act as sculptural light fixtures and room dividers, leading to interesting spatial effects.

Anjo Solto ZN Restaurant

3rd Place AwardCommercial Space Category, in annual competition by New Center of Professional Architects and Designers from Pernambuco (Novo Núcleo PE), Brazil 

A former modernist residence that had been transformed over the years is converted into a hip night dining spot in the Northeast of Brazil. The design pays homage to the modern heritage while keeping up with the client's cool and cozy ambience. New and restored finishes mingle together in a bar / collective table that unfolds into two levels of dining spaces and a richly landscaped outdoor patio, perfect for dining under warm tropical evenings.

Project icon-front_edited.jpg

1st Prize Winner of Zenildo e Zildo Caldas Award by the Brazilian Institute of Architects, Pernambuco Chapter - Category: Urbanism, Planning and Cities

From Friday thru Sunday Ana Rolim’s studio interacted with two other design firms and inhabitants of all ages and backgrounds from the city of Belo Jardim, NE Brazil. In less than 48h, during a collaborative design marathon, the team presented a plan for a new public space to be located in the heart of the city’s downtown area. A local industrial group donated the plot where the BELO JARDIM CULTURAL square would be located. The marathon was organized by Fab Lab Recife.


MT Office Collab

This office space with a minimalistic design approach is marked by large sliding doors that allow for space flexibility. The custom wood paneling at feature wall and ceiling integrates reception and collective desk areas while framing the views towards the exterior. The spatial openness reflects the collaborative work dynamics of the company.

5-Carroll Gardens Staircase.jpg
Brooklyn Townhouse

In synch with the clients’ profile – an environmentalist couple - we used both sustainable infrastructural and finished components to renovate this classic 19th century townhouse in the heart of Brooklyn. Maintaining as much of the existing structure as possible, the scope consisted of combining two floors into a duplex apartment, adding a new kitchen, bathrooms, a yoga room, a large bookcase, and various touch-ups in adjacent spaces.

Anjo Solto Pina 
1st Place Award,  Commercial Space Category, in annual competition by New Center of Professional Architects and Designers from Pernambuco (Novo Núcleo PE), Brazil

The trendy Anjo Solto restaurant, located at Galeria Joana D’arc, a legendary landmark in Recife's nightlife, is renovated to integrate the access corridor and a former annex to its remaining spaces. The design aimed to create a striking aesthetic built with simple components leading to a unique spatial experience and reassuring the presence of the restaurant in the loggia where it is situated.

Downtown Law Office

The old downtown area by the former port is where the city of Recife started back in the 1600’s. A new generation of young professionals is re-occupying the area, looking for more personal and character driven workspaces. We designed this office with one idea in mind: bring a little bit of the history of the site back into the building and mix it with a timeless urban verve.

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